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Public Companies

Public companies are demanding and exacting environments for CFOs. If your company has lost or expects to lose its CFO, you know that the search for a suitable replacement can take months. Yet the demand for a strong CFO continues: SEC filings and other regulatory requirements, earnings calls, board and annual meetings and investor conferences, not to mention running the business, all require experienced oversight.  No company can afford to be shorthanded during a search.

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Private Companies

Just because you’re not a public company doesn’t mean you need to compromise on financial leadership. Often private companies are very challenging environments as they quickly scale their value through acquisitions, rapid market penetration and product introduction, and dramatic organizational growth. Gaps and oversights in financial leadership can be as punishing as in a public company, often more so. Missteps are costly in both time and value, and investors can be unforgiving.

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Startup Companies

The dynamic and uncertain environment of a startup company requires different CFO skills than in established companies. Your CFO needs are variable and less intensive, but you can’t afford to compromise on either tactical or strategic financial leadership. Miscues can be fatal to a startup. Getting the best talent now pays huge dividends as you grow and mature, and avoid costly and embarrassing rework later.

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