We’re a different solution for CEOs and boards seeking
more experienced, C-suite level talent in a CFO role. Here’s why.

The role of the CFO today is more critical – and more complex – than ever.

A faster pace is the new norm. With the rapid evolution of technological  innovation, volatile financial markets, evolving business models, and increasing pressure to grow revenues and find new customers, today’s Chief Financial Officers must be able to quickly translate data into meaningful and actionable information for competitive advantage.  Agile CFOs who can learn quickly, adapt to changing business conditions and apply fresh, new approaches to problem solving are essential.

You need an experienced financial leader on your team with the right set of strategic mindset, management expertise, technical and operational skills and business know-how to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. CEOs, Boards and management teams must have seasoned CFO talent to lead new growth initiatives, fund raise with different types of investors and vehicles, scale a business effectively, proactively manage cash and margins and execute M&A, IPO and financing transactions successfully.

Whether interim, part time or full time, you need the right CFO on your team.


FLG Partners leverages our collective experience and networks to provide our clients with the highest quality CFO advisory expertise available on the market.

We do this in 5 ways:
1 We’re more experienced and C-suite only.

FLG’s partners are highly experienced executives with deep credibility as CFOs, extensive banking and investor networks, impressive transactional and domain sector expertise and strong skills from complex accounting to strategic problem solving.  We are known for our strong track record raising capital for our clients.  Our CFOs have successfully led finance functions in public and private companies undergoing significant transition, from rapid growth to restructurings, IPOs and liquidity events.  Our deep domain expertise across multiple industry sectors including healthcare, technology, consumer products (among others) give the FLG CFO the competitive edge. FLG partners are also noted for our strong leadership skills. This results in a well-rounded, seasoned executive who has the depth of experience to solve our clients’ toughest business issues.

2 We hire the best – period.

A high quality CFO has more attributes than just years of experience. FLG’s partners need to drive winning results, business success and increase company value.  From our clients’ perspective, our high quality reputation is a clear competitive advantage. A FLG partner’s familiarity leading and managing complex transactions and business problems results in better advice and counsel to CEOs and management teams. And as a true partnership, we can leverage our collective strengths to add even more value to our clients. Our low partner turnover results in increased FLG partner consistency, continuity and stronger client relationships over time. Our CEOs tell us that FLG partners are invaluable members of their teams and set the standard for the definition of a “quality CFO”.

3 We put a premium on being innovative and agile.

FLG Partners thrives at the intersection of disruption, innovation and change. When you grow up in Silicon Valley, you see and do – a lot. We understand risk management, incentive rewards and regulation. We also understand data analytics, how to weigh investments in IT, SaaS, and MarTech and how to navigate software and life science product roadmaps. Our partners have managed the full continuum of business lifestyles and lifecycles, from startups bootstrapping their operations and watching their cash burn to Series C emerging companies preparing to go public to private equity-funded exits. We’ve worked with and for some of the premier venture firms.

4 We are intensely collaborative and 100% client focused.

At FLG, our culture is one of deep commitment to our clients and mutual respect, collaboration and trust within our partnership. Our clients are our number one source of new business and we have longstanding relationships with many of them. We are highly collaborative – with our clients, with each other and with our professional networks – to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients. We are proud to have established strong referral partnerships with VCs, investment banks, PE firms, top law firms, banks, accounting and recruiting firms, locally and nationally.

5 We’re CEO-centric and board accountable.

A FLG partner is a CEO’s right hand as well as the board’s check and balance on corporate accountability. Our clients tell us that we understand the daily realities of our CEOs and boards better than anyone. Great CFOs are strategists as well as trusted business partners for their CEOs.  We’re often asked by CEOs to help recruit and vet subsequent CFO hires. We’re always happy to help. The best CFOs are objective sounding boards, architects of growth, and financial artists for their CEOs. They are valued operating executives on the management team as well as strong, independent voices for robust corporate governance.  They must be able to navigate through disruptive organizational inflexion points while leveraging these critical relationships.

Our litmus test for a FLG CFO is this:  “As a CEO, would you be comfortable delegating to your CFO a binding conversation or critical negotiation on behalf of your company with a third party such as a regulator, partner, or investor?”

If your CFO is a FLG partner, the answer is “YES”.

Client Testimonials

“FLG Partners provided seasoned talent in Laureen DeBuono, as Interim CFO for over two years, to help scale Rodan+Field’s business, both operationally and strategically from $300M in net revenues in 2014 to $1.2B in 2016. What they delivered speaks for itself; a 5 year strategic plan including an annual operating plan, a new finance team, a renegotiated $200M line of credit and exit scenarios and strategies for the company. We would recommend FLG to any company looking for top-tier financial expertise and advice when scaling for explosive growth.”

Diane Dietz, CEO, Rodan + Fields
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