Being a CEO of a company or organization with your CFO in transition is no picnic.

If your Chief Financial Officer has just resigned, been let go or transitioned into another role at the company, you are going to be immediately challenged to say nothing about losing valuable ground ahead. You need a temporary, interim, fractional, part time or full time CFO replacement – NOW.

Imagine being a CEO trying to get through the day with one hand tied behind your back. Now add a blindfold. How do you make decisions? How do you balance priorities? Vet performance communications to key constituencies and partners? Plan for the future? If your goals are to stabilize your business, scale your business or successfully steer the company ship while managing rapid growth, your job is even harder. And of course, you ultimately need a permanent solution for filling your CFO role and a seasoned perspective and solid advice and counsel on that financial front.

You must have someone who can hit the ground running in situations like this. Business savvy professionals who can quickly assess your company’s needs and then self-manage their way towards creating “early wins.” Someone who can easily establish operational and financial controls during periods of explosive growth, and prioritize and address urgent organizational challenges in the short term while building annual & strategic plans for the longer term. You need to find an experienced leader to fight financial and operational fires while you are without a permanent CFO. Someone who can build infrastructure on the finance team, manage systems and business processes, cash management and treasury functions. Then you need that person to recruit, vet and recommend a new CFO – or you need to hire them.

FLG’s partners are experts at just these types of interim and temporary CFO situations. We are the right choice if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the right CFO talent – or perhaps any CFO talent  – to get the job done.  We can rapidly deploy an experienced FLG partner who can work with you to build financial and operational solutions to solve issues as well as strategically plan for future growth and/or exit opportunities. He or she can negotiate expanded lines of credit and help you fundraise, deliver a roadmap for global expansion, deploy new IT and financial systems, organizationally restructure and & coach & mentor your finance team.

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What Our Clients Say

“At Parc, we turned to FLG Partners for focused leadership with several technical projects to correct audit deficiencies and improve our economic costing model, selecting Jonathan Wolter to assist us based on his deep financial and operational experience. Then, when our CFO unfortunately become seriously ill, Jonathan seamlessly stepped-into the role of PARC’s CFO – coordinating sensitive intercompany operations with our senior team for several years and ultimately mentoring our future CFO. I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring FLG (and Jonathan) again. They deliver excellence.”

Steve Hoover, Former CEO, PARC

“We engaged FLG Partners when we were in the final stages of negotiations to be acquired by a major Japanese company and suddenly lost our senior financial executive to a medical leave. Jim Pardee, the FLG partner we selected, quickly developed a financial forecasting model that allowed the senior team to dynamically analyze various revenue and expense alternatives, and provide the financial forecasts required for the closing process.  Jim assumed leadership of the financial group, made some key staffing improvements, and led the group through a full mid-month audit (required by the transaction) as well as the year-end audit.  Jim also led the financial integration with our new parent, including new reporting requirements, additional audit activities, and critical calculations related to determining the final purchase price amount. His leadership was instrumental in our successful close of this deal for SiTime.”

Rajesh Vashist, CEO, SiTime

FLG and its partners deliver truly exceptional value.  I have had the pleasure to work with three FLG partners—Mike GennaroJohn Finegan, and most recently Eric Hall—in both the SaaS and Life Sciences industries.  Their ability to seamlessly integrate into operations and quickly develop a deep understanding of the company was particularly impressive.  Each provided meaningful leadership and thoughtful guidance for the finance function, delivering both tactical and strategic value, including during times of company transition.  They partnered with management to win, drove financing activities to successful conclusion, and were tireless in their dedication to company objectives.

Lisa Barbot, Current Principal Attorney, Barbot Law

“We brought on FLG Partners to assess our accounting and finance infrastructure, processes and team. Frank Tsai has a great deal of non-profit experience and quickly provided us with a series of areas to focus on to reduce cost and improve process. He identified ways to increase internal controls and reduce redundancies. He prioritized the financial leadership skills we needed in our financial team to upgrade our accounting and financial systems. Implementing Frank’s recommendations had a major impact on our organization and ultimately led to a complete restructuring of our finance department. Frank’s assessment work would help any organization seeking to optimize systems, increase effectiveness and scale infrastructure.”

Erin Patch, COO, The Unity Council

We engaged FLG Partners in early 2018 to assist us with a CFO transition, to mentor and build-out the Finance team, as well as to address and resolve certain complex finance and tax issues.  Our FLG Partner, Laureen DeBuono, has spent the year working with me and our HotelTonight team closely, and we have built a world-class Finance team, resolved the prior finance and tax issues, and are poised for continued strong success and growth.  I have been very pleased with the skills and “gravitas” that our FLG Partner brought to the assignment.

Sam Shank, CEO, HotelTonight

Thank you Tim Laehy! I can’t thank you enough for diving into such a challenging environment. I’m not sure where we would be without your help! I will always be grateful.

Brian Armstrong, CEO, Coinbase

Thank you Tim for all your contributions.  You helped us navigate a period of rapid growth through an incredibly complex space and we’re grateful for that. We’ve made significant progress under your leadership. You jumped into the deep end and helped us be a better company.   I genuinely wish you every success in whatever you choose to do next.

Asiff Hirji, President, Coinbase

You’ve been a tremendous asset to Coinbase during a very chaotic and complex time. Thank you deeply for everything you’ve done by stepping in to provide guidance and leadership to the team over the last year. Coinbase wouldn’t be where it’s at today without you and I appreciate all you’ve done for this company and our leadership team.

Adam White, Former VP Institutional, Coinbase

Profitvelocity was a four-year old startup at the time John Supan, our partner from FLG, started working with us. We had no proper accounting systems in place.  John helped us put in place, step by step, an accounting infrastructure that would allow us to grow and satisfy the requirements of our financial partners. I believe that the most vital aspects in working with a CFO, like John, are absolute trust in his integrity along with total respect for his technical knowledge in sophisticated accounting matters. Beyond that, John is remarkably responsive, often within a few hours, regardless of his workload.  And he is always upbeat, easy-going, and effective even when a challenging issue pops up. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire FLG (and John) again. Collaborating with John in building up our company has been a privilege.

Michael Rothschild, Founder & CEO, Profitvelocity

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Bill Beyer’s contributions to Tubi as interim CFO during the hypergrowth stage of the company. His experienced management acumen, strategic insights, financial expertise allowed us to be super-selective in our CFO search.  He owned a tremendous debt financing providing Tubi with great optionality for further financings as well as the necessary resources to fund our growth. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring Bill and FLG in again on Tubi’s behalf.”

Farhad Massoudi, CEO, Tubi

“We were seeking consulting in our finance function for long-term planning, financing, and reporting. We hired Patrick Nugent at FLG and he couldn’t have been a better choice. Patrick was able to provide effective frameworks and best practices, leverage his network and expertise in the industry, and engage cross-functionally. As a CFO, you have lots of choices when you hire outside resources like we did at Mission Bio, but I would definitely recommend FLG for providing talent with strong strategic-thinking, expertise, thoroughness and the ability to engage as a true partner. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire from FLG Partners again for strategic support to our Finance team.”

Marcel Roche, CFO, Mission Bio

“I’ve had the fortunate opportunity  to work closely with Mark Murray of FLG Partners in a series of  four  successful venture backed -backed companies in Silicon Valley  over the past dozen years including Optimedica Corporation (acquired by Abbott), Oculeve (acquired by Allergan), Oyster Point Pharmaceuticals (IPO) and most recently Kedalion Therapeutics (acquired by Novartis). I consider him to be the  consummate professional and invaluable  in providing state of the art financial management and strategic advising  for young rapidly growing  drug and medical device companies. Mark has a wealth of experience and considerable savvy in a variety of different situations and market conditions, whether it be in developing a strategic plan, raising capital, optimizing operations or helping identify and manage liquidity events. In my mind he is an absolute go-to thinker and do-er for any company looking to attract top level management talent.”

Mark S. Blumenkranz, CEO & Chairman, Kedalion Therapeutics