Please Note: We disclose FLG's clients with permission. Changes to a client’s profile subsequent to the conclusion of our engagement, such as going public, being acquired, changing names, or winding down, are not reflected here.

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10X Technologies, Inc. Life Sciences Startups Private
ACG Silicon Valley
Actian, Inc. Technology High Growth Private
Adaptive Path, Inc. Professional Services Private
AdBrite, Inc. Technology Private
AdMeld Inc. Technology Private
Adverum Biotechnologies, Inc. Life Sciences Board Advisory Public
Agility Design Solutions, Inc. Technology Private
Aimmune Therapeutics Life Sciences Private
Aircraft Technical Publishing Consumer CFO in Transition Private
Alien Technology Corp. Technology Startups Private
Alpha Innotech Corporation Life Sciences Private
Alta Vista Solutions Professional Services Private
Amunix Life Sciences
Anki Consumer CFO in Transition Private
Apptus, Inc. Technology CFO in TransitionPreparing for Exit Private
ArcTouch Technology
Arena Solutions, Inc. Technology Private
Areva Solar Sustainability Preparing for Exit Public
ArmaGen, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Armetheon, Inc. Life Sciences
Asante Solutions
Ascendify Technology Startups Private
Asia Star Telecom, Ltd. Technology Private
Atrica, Inc. Technology Private
Ausra, Inc. Sustainability Preparing for Exit Private
Auxogyn, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Avanex, Inc. ManufacturingTechnology Mature Operating Lift Public
Axcient, Inc. Technology Preparing for ExitStartups Private
Backblaze, Inc. Consumer Startups Private
BakBone Software, Inc. ConsumerTechnology Board Advisory Public
BAROnova, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit, Inc. Non-Profit
BDNA Corporation Technology Private
Benevenue Medical Life Sciences Technology Startups Private
Bioasis Technolodgies, Inc. Life Sciences High Growth Public
Bitcasa, Inc. Consumer CFO in Transition Private
Blaze Mobile Technology Private
Blue Arc Corp. Technology CFO in Transition Private
Blue Coat Systems, Inc. Technology CFO in TransitionMentoring Public
BondDesk Group, LLC Technology Private, Inc. Consumer Private
Borrego Solar Sustainability CFO in Transition Private
Brainfall Technology Private
BrightSource Energy, Inc. Sustainability Startups Private
BuildDirect, Inc. Consumer CFO in Transition Private
Business Objects SA Technology Public
C. M. Capital Corporation Family Office Mature Operating Lift Private
California Shock Trauma Air Rescue Non-Profits Non-Profit
Calxeda, Inc. Technology Startups Private
Caminar Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Cantaloupe Systems Technology Private
Capella Photonics, Inc. Technology Private
Cardima, Inc. Life Sciences Public
Carrier IQ Technology CFO in Transition Private
CashNet Private Consumer Private
Caustic Graphics, Inc. Technology Private
Ciphergen Biosystems, Inc. Life Sciences Mature Operating Lift Public
Cisco Systems, Inc. Technology Mentoring Public
ClarVista Medical Life Sciences Private
Clear Task, Inc. Professional Services Preparing for Exit Private
Clickatell, Inc. Technology Startups Private
Clinical Solutions Life Sciences Private
ClubOne, Inc. Consumer CFO in Transition Private
Coinbase Technology High Growth Private
Community Bank of the Bay Public
Community Foundation Silicon Valley Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
ComVentures, LP Venture Capital & Private Equity Private
Connetics Corp. Life Sciences Board Advisory Public
ConXtech, Inc. Manufacturing Private
Corefino, Inc. Accounting Private
CrownPeak, Inc. Technology Startups Private
Cswitch Corporation Technology Private
CustomerSat, Inc. Technology Private
CXO Communication Professional Services Private
Cyber adAPT, Inc. Technology Private
CyDesign Inc. Technology Private
Deeya Energy, Inc. Sustainability CFO in Transition Private
Digimarc Corporation Public
DigiSight Technologies Life Sciences
Dividend Solar, Inc. Sustainability
Double Fusion, Inc. Technology Private
DVDPlay, Inc. Consumer CFO in Transition Private
E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. Professional Services Private
Eccentex, Inc. Technology Private
EcoLogic Brands, Inc. Consumer Private
Eden Technologies Professional Services Private
Ellie Mae, Inc. Technology Private
EmbraceHer Health, Inc. Life Sciences
Enigmatec Corporation Ltd. Technology Private
Ensighten, Inc. Technology Private
EpiBiome, Inc. Life Sciences Startups Private
Evermobile, Ltda. Technology Private
Exalt Communications Technology Private
Exigen (USA), Inc. Financial Services Board Advisory Private
Fabrik, Inc. Technology CFO in Transition Private
Fair Trade USA Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Farapulse Life Sciences High Growth Private
Feed the Hunger Foundation Non-Profits Non-ProfitPrivate
Fisker Automotive Sustainability Preparing for ExitStartups Private
Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. Life Sciences CFO in Transition Public
Fonality, Inc. Technology Private
ForeScout Technologies, Inc. Technology Private
Freeborders, Inc. Technology Private
GCA Savvian Financial Services Private
GE Fuel Cells Sustainability Mature Operating Lift Public
Genalyte, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Gentiae Clinical Research, Inc. Life Sciences Private
GigFire Microsystems, Inc. Technology Private
Gigster Technology CFO in Transition Private
Gigya Technology
Glacier Bay, Inc. Sustainability Startups Private
Global Liquid Markets Technology Private
GoGrid Technology MentoringPreparing for Exit Private
Golden Baseball League Consumer Private
GRAIL, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Grand Lodge of Freemasons Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
GreenRoad Technologies Sustainability Private
Guidewire Software, Inc. Technology CFO in Transition Private
Hansen Medical, Inc. Life Sciences
Healthline Networks, Inc. Life Sciences Startups Private
High Water Brewing Company Consumer Private
HighBitCoin, Inc. Technology Private
Hotel Tonight Consumer CFO in Transition Private
i2C, Inc. Technology Private
iControl Networks, Inc. Technology Private
Imation Corp. Consumer Mentoring Public
Immersion Corp. Technology CFO in Transition Public
Imperva Technology Mature Operating Lift Public
in/PACT Non-Profits
Ingenuity Systems, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Innvision Shelter Network Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Inspyr Therapeutics, Inc. Life Sciences Public
Institute for the Future Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Intacct Corporation Technology CFO in Transition Private
Intransa, Inc. Technology Private
iPerian, Inc. Life Sciences Private
IRIDEX Corporation Life Sciences Mature Operating Lift Public
IronKey, Inc. Technology Private
ISGN, Inc. Financial Services Private
JDS Uniphase Corporation ManufacturingTechnology Mature Operating Lift Public
JenaValve Life Sciences Private
Jhana Inc. Technology MentoringPreparing for ExitStartups Private
Juma Ventures Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Kaleido Health Solutions Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Keas Inc. Technology Startups Private
Kezar Life Sciences Life Sciences High Growth Private
Law Foundation of Silicon Valley Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Lightning Bolt Solutions Life Sciences Private
Link Media, Inc. Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Liquid Light Corp. Sustainability
Liquid Robotics, Inc. Technology CFO in Transition Private
Livefyre Technology
LSA Cleanpart, LLC Technology Private
M-Factor, Inc. Consumer Private
Magnum Semiconductor, Inc. Technology Startups Private
Matterport, Inc. Technology Startups Private
Maverick Brands, Inc. Consumer Private
Mayvenn Consumer Startups Private
Medallia, Inc. Technology Startups Private
MediciNova, Inc. Life Sciences Public
Meltwater Group Technology Private
Mercado Software, Inc. Technology Private
MIPS Technologies, Inc. Technology Mature Operating Lift Public
Mixercast, Inc. Consumer Private
MobileIron, Inc. Technology CFO in TransitionHigh Growth Private
Mocana Corporation Technology Startups Private
Montalvo Systems, Inc. Technology Private
MuleSoft, Inc. Technology Startups Private
MV Transportation, Inc. Manufacturing Mature Operating Lift Private
Myoscience, Inc. Life Sciences
MyShape, Inc. Consumer Private
Narrative AB Consumer
Nayna Networks, Inc. Technology Public
Neomagic Corp. Technology Public
NeoPhotonics Corporation ManufacturingTechnology CFO in Transition Public
Neurobiological Technologies, Inc. Life Sciences Public
New Pride Manufacturing Public
New Teacher Center Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Nextbit Consumer
NEXTracker, Inc. Sustainability High Growth Private
Noosh, Inc. Technology Private
Nordic Windpower, Inc. Sustainability Private
Nuclea Biotechnologies, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Oculeve, Inc. Life Sciences
OpenGov, Inc. Consumer Startups Private
Oyster Point Pharma, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Ozlo, Inc. Consumer Private
Pacific Fertility Center Life Sciences Private
Pacific Forest Trust Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Pacific Pharmaceutical Services Life Sciences Private
Pacific School of Religion Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Palantir, Inc. Technology Private
Pan Pacific Bank Public
Parc Technology Mature Operating Lift Public
PaxVax Life Sciences Startups
PayCycle, Inc. Technology Private
Peak International, Ltd. Technology Mature Operating Lift Public
Percolate, Inc. Consumer High Growth Private
Perlegen Sciences, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Pharmatech, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Photon Dynamics, Inc. Technology CFO in TransitionMature Operating Lift Private
PhysioHealth, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Pitango Ventures Venture Capital & Private Equity Private
Pivotal Labs Technology Private
Pixel Qi, Inc. Consumer Private
Planned Parenthood Golden Gate Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Plastic Logic Consumer Private
Potrero Media Corp. Technology Preparing for Exit Private
Prezi, Inc. Technology Private
Profit Velocity Solutions Technology Private
Prothena Biosciences Life Sciences Preparing for Exit Public
Pure Storage Technology Private
Q-Cells North America Venture Capital & Private Equity Private
QuantaLife, Inc. Life Sciences Startups Private
Quantum Corp. Technology Mature Operating Lift Public
Quellan, Inc. Technology Private
Rapt Touch, Inc. Consumer Private
RE:Vision Effects Technology Private
Reading Partners Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Technology Private
REC Solar, Inc. Sustainability Private
Restoration Hardware Consumer Mature Operating LiftPreparing for Exit Private
Retail Pro Technology
Retail Solutions, Inc. Consumer Private
Retrotope, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Rocket Fuel Technology CFO in Transition Public
Rodan+Fields Consumer High Growth Private
Rolith, Inc. Sustainability Private
Rothy’s Consumer High Growth Private
RSF Social Finance Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Saba Software, Inc. Technology Mentoring Public
Saber es Poder, Inc. Non-Profits Private
Sagely Naturals Consumer Mentoring Private
Samplify Systems, Inc. Technology Private
Scanadu Life Sciences Startups Private
SealedMedia, Inc. Technology Private
Selectica, Inc. Technology Mature Operating Lift Public
Sensorin Private
ShoreTel, Inc. Technology Mature Operating Lift Public
Sigma Designs, Inc. Technology CFO in Transition Public
Silicon Clocks, Inc. Technology Private
Silicon Valley Directors’ Exchange Non-Profit
Singulex, Inc. Life Sciences Private
SiPort Corp. Technology Private
SiTime Corporation Technology Private
Skyline Construction Manufacturing Private
SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. Technology CFO in Transition Public
SNOCAP, Inc. Consumer Private
SOL Republic Consumer Private
SolarCity Corp. ManufacturingSustainability High Growth Private
Solaria Corp. Sustainability High Growth Private
Soleno Therapeutics, Inc. Life Sciences Mature Operating Lift Public
Spanish Speaking Unity Council of Alameda County, Inc. Non-Profits Non-Profit
Spikes Security Technology Private
Steelwedge, Inc. Technology Startups Private
Stella & Dot, Inc. Consumer CFO in TransitionHigh Growth Private
Stock & Options Solutions, Inc. Financial Services Private
Sub-One Technology, Inc. Sustainability Private
Summerville Senior Living, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Sundance Institute Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
SupportSpace, Ltd. Real Estate Private
SVB Alliant Financial Services Public
SVForum Non-Profit
Symphony Communications Services Holdings Financial Services Startups Private
Tanium, Inc. Technology High Growth Private
Tapinfluence Technology
Tectura Corp. Technology Private
Tethys Bioscience, Inc. Life Sciences Private
That Man May See Non-Profit
The Angels’ Forum, LLC Venture Capital & Private Equity Private
The Burning Man Project ConsumerNon-Profits MentoringNon-Profits Non-Profit
The Exploratorium Non-Profit
Tier Data Technology Private
Tile, Inc. Consumer Board Advisory
Tioga Energy Sustainability Startups Private
TiVo, Inc. ConsumerManufacturing CFO in Transition Public
Tom Sawyer Software Technology Private
Tonic Solutions, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Total Phase, Inc. Technology Private
Translarity, Inc. Mentoring Private
Tribe Networks, Inc. Consumer Private
Trinitas Partners Venture Capital & Private Equity Private
True North Therapeutics Life Sciences Private
Trust Company of the West Financial Services Private
Tunitas Therapeutics, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Turin Networks Inc. Technology Private
Turtle Beach Corporation Public
Ubicom, Inc. Technology Private
UnaMesa Association Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
United Commercial Bank Financial Services Public
United Way Silicon Valley Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
Unity Semiconductor, Inc. Technology Private
Ustream, Inc. Technology Private
Vascular Cures Foundation
Vendavo, Inc. Technology CFO in Transition Private
Versant Corporation Technology Public
Vidillion Technology Private
View, Inc. ManufacturingSustainability CFO in Transition Private
ViOptix, Inc. Life Sciences Private
Virage Logic Corp. Technology Public
Visionnaire Ventures, LLC Venture Capital & Private Equity
W5 Networks, Inc. Technology Startups Private
WANdisco, Inc. Technology Private
Waypoint Real Estate Group Real Estate Private
Webtrends Technology CFO in Transition Private
Westaff, Inc. Staffing Mature Operating Lift Public
Western Water Company Sustainability Public
Willis Lease Finance Financial Services Mature Operating Lift Public
Wrap Media Technology
Xambala Inc. Financial Services
Youth Radio Non-Profits Non-Profits Non-Profit
YuMe, Inc. Technology CFO in Transition Private
ZanttZ, Inc. Technology Private
Zephyr Health, Inc. Life Sciences Private
ZincFive, Inc. Manufacturing High Growth Private