FLG works with professional services firms in need of experienced leaders skilled in optimizing cost structures, balancing investment priorities from marketing to infrastructure and managing organizational growth and restructuring over time. From financial services to law firms, consulting firms to agencies, FLG Partners provides a balanced, independent point of view to CEOs, Managing Partners and Management Committees when it comes to financial decision making and strategic planning. By grounding our recommendations in evidence-based approaches and sound analytics, our CFOs deliver effective and timely executive guidance and direction to leadership teams in professional services enterprises. We’re in the services business at FLG Partners ourselves, so we know maximizing your impact with your clients through the most effective and efficient investments, strategies and techniques is both your bulls eye, and ours.

Adaptive Path, Inc. Professional Services Executive CoachingPermanent CFO Private
Alta Vista Solutions Professional Services Interim CFO Private
Clear Task, Inc. Professional Services Permanent CFO Private
CXO Communication Professional Services Permanent CFO Private
Eden Technologies Professional Services Interim CFO Private