FLG works with professional services firms in need of experienced leaders skilled in optimizing cost structures, balancing investment priorities from marketing to infrastructure and managing organizational growth and restructuring over time. From financial services to law firms, consulting firms to agencies, FLG Partners provides a balanced, independent point of view to CEOs, Managing Partners and Management Committees when it comes to financial decision making and strategic planning. By grounding our recommendations in evidence-based approaches and sound analytics, our CFOs deliver effective and timely executive guidance and direction to leadership teams in professional services enterprises. We’re in the services business at FLG Partners ourselves, so we know maximizing your impact with your clients through the most effective and efficient investments, strategies and techniques is both your bulls eye, and ours.

Adaptive Path, Inc. Professional Services Permanent CFO Private
Alta Vista Solutions Professional Services Interim CFO Private
Camino Financial Professional Services
Clear Task, Inc. Professional Services Permanent CFO Private
CXO Communication Professional Services Permanent CFO Private
E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc. Professional Services Interim CFO Private
Eden Technologies Professional Services Interim CFO Private
F’inn Group Professional Services Private
What Our Professional Services Clients Say

Trinitas Partners contacted FLG several years ago as we were rapidly expanding our funds and investment portfolio.  We were looking for assistance in build our long-term strategic plans, as well as perform an assessment of our finance team so that we would be able to handle our anticipated growth and effectively manage our funds and the investment properties.  Our FLG partner helped us to achieve this and help develop our finance team over the past several years. We would strongly recommend FLG to any firm looking for experienced financial guidance and leadership to help in a period of rapid growth.”

Bill Hooper, Principal, Trinitas Partners LLC

FLG and its partners deliver truly exceptional value.  I have had the pleasure to work with three FLG partners—Mike GennaroJohn Finegan, and most recently Eric Hall—in both the SaaS and Life Sciences industries.  Their ability to seamlessly integrate into operations and quickly develop a deep understanding of the company was particularly impressive.  Each provided meaningful leadership and thoughtful guidance for the finance function, delivering both tactical and strategic value, including during times of company transition.  They partnered with management to win, drove financing activities to successful conclusion, and were tireless in their dedication to company objectives.

Lisa Barbot, Current Principal Attorney, Barbot Law

Profitvelocity was a four-year old startup at the time John Supan, our partner from FLG, started working with us. We had no proper accounting systems in place.  John helped us put in place, step by step, an accounting infrastructure that would allow us to grow and satisfy the requirements of our financial partners. I believe that the most vital aspects in working with a CFO, like John, are absolute trust in his integrity along with total respect for his technical knowledge in sophisticated accounting matters. Beyond that, John is remarkably responsive, often within a few hours, regardless of his workload.  And he is always upbeat, easy-going, and effective even when a challenging issue pops up. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire FLG (and John) again. Collaborating with John in building up our company has been a privilege.

Michael Rothschild, Founder & CEO, Profitvelocity