Whatever the business situation you are facing, we’ve seen it. Whatever the transaction, we’ve done it.

FLG Partners delivers high-value, interim and temporary and, on occasion, permanent CFO leadership to CEOs and Boards. We operate exclusively at the C-level. Our experienced CFO partners deliver bespoke solutions for management teams, including interim part time and, on occasion, W2 full-time CFOs as well as advisory board support to committees, project management assistance, finance team mentoring and coaching to venture-backed, skill-building offsites.

FLG’s CFOs develop strategic financial plans for clients that align with changing business priorities and source the capital to fund these initiatives whether through M&A, public market financing or private placements. Our partners can address the full range of client operating finance needs including (but not limited to) building infrastructure, managing growth, evaluating restructuring options and IT system investments, developing tax strategies, planning international expansions and identifying new business opportunities and solutions. Our CFOs are cross-functional leaders and provide high quality proactive and strategic business guidance.

Typical client situations in which FLG partners add value include:
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Startup company raising capital, hiring & building infrastructure
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High growth company raising capital & growing customer base
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Company or nonprofit with CFO in transition
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Mature company needing operational support
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Company preparing for acquisition or exit
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Board advisory support & C-suite mentoring & coaching
Our flexible engagement options address the full continuum of need across our clients.

Part-time CFO Leaders

Small companies rarely need or can afford a full-time, deeply experienced CFO, yet they do need access to efficient, expert leadership. FLG provides the senior level finance expertise and leadership you require on an interim, temporary or fractional basis, scaled to match your needs as they change, analogous to the way you use outside legal counsel.

Interim CFO Leaders

When you’re faced with a CFO vacancy or transition, FLG will step in as the interim CFO so that your search can be conducted deliberately, selectively, and without haste, knowing your company is protected and led by a highly experienced financial veteran.

Full-Time W-2 CFOs

A unique aspect of our practice is that, on certain occasions,  an FLG partner will act as the full-time, employed officer of their employer. They remain an active partner in FLG Partners, and continue to bring the full experience and resources of FLG to bear for the benefit of their employer. A placement fee associated with a partner becoming a W-2 employee at the client is borne by the client.

Project-Based and Transactional Engagements

If your company is facing a financing transaction, IPO, acquisition or sale event for which your incumbent financial executive lacks prior experience or sufficient bandwidth, we will lead them through the process to a successful, efficient conclusion. Whatever your transaction, we’ve done it.

Board and Advisory Support

FLG often advises CEOs, CFOs, boards, audit/comp/governance/finance committees, investors and lenders on matters including IPOs, complex accounting issues, operating strategies, due diligence, M&A and restructurings. In addition, partners sit on boards, typically on the audit, finance, crisis management, cybersecurity and compensation committees.

Mentoring and Coaching

Often at the behest of the CEO or Board, we provide mentoring and coaching to board members and across the C-Suite based on the gravitas of our partners. Long experience at the senior executive level gives us the credibility and perspective to be an effective advocate and mentor for rising executives.


Certain partners at FLG have skills and licenses which allows them to raise funds directly for their clients, with partner compensation a mix of an hourly fee and a transaction success fee.

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  • Equity Financings: Venture & Private Equity Capital, IPOs, & Secondaries
  • Profitability Analysis & Improvement
  • Right-sizing & Burn Rate Management
  • Debt Financings
  • SEC Reporting
  • International Finance & Banking
  • Business Modeling
  • International Operations
  • Investment Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Internal Audit & Controls
  • Investor Relations
  • Reorganizations & Restructurings
  • Orderly Wind-downs & Liquidations
  • Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • Licensing & Branding
  • Bankruptcy & Workouts
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Board & Board Subcommittee Advisory
  • Contracts & Litigation
  • Treasury, Cash and FX Management
  • Financial & Strategic Planning
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