Being the CFO to a non-profit organization has its own challenges: an organization whose objectives are not driven by the bottom line, often with tight budgets, and governed by a board which is often comprised of dedicated volunteers and community leaders, must march to a very different pace and objective than a for-profit company. Regulatory, tax and legal requirements are very different, all of which require a deft hand on the financial tiller while still managing the enterprise in a responsible and uncompromising manner for all constituents.

FLG Partners has considerable experience serving the special needs of non-profits, and we look forward to serving yours.

What Our Clients Say

“I was so pleased to work with FLG Partners at Institute for the Future. Frank Tsai, the partner we used from FLG, is the best nonprofit finance executive and advisor that I have come across in my 20 years in the NFP world. Frank is strategic, fast (had a rapid understanding of our business) and organized (think high value). He can quickly access what is important and what’s not. Finally, Frank brings years of experience to the table from working with a variety of nonprofits of different scales and configurations. He understands everything from strategy and modeling down to the detailed work of NFP accounting, compliance, taxes, audits, legal, and NFP protocols and standards. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Frank (and FLG) again.”

Jean Hagan, Executive Producer, Institute for the Future