Liquidity events are critical pivot points in any company’s trajectory.

Whether via acquisition by a third party or via IPO, these events need to be managed very carefully. If you are a CEO of a company preparing for exit, you need to maximize your company’s valuation at exit by building consistent and predictable streams of revenue and profitability and an expanding and qualified base of customers. As you move closer towards the close of your deal, you need to build systems and infrastructure for each stage of growth, demonstrate your team’s ability to successfully scale the business, identify and negotiate with the right partners, select a solid investment banker, prepare for exit by tightly managing the due diligence process and leading you need a successful close.

Managing all the extra responsibilities associated with preparing and implementing an exit strategy on top of your “business as usual” operating company can be challenging. You need to demonstrate the ability to meet sales and revenue goals, customer and channel targets, prioritize talent investments, meet product roadmap milestones all while preparing for due diligence meetings, achieving clean audits, evaluating prospective exit partners, and trying to retain your key hires with a creative platform of incentives.

FLG’s partners have “been there and seen that” multiple times on the exit strategy front. We are experts in late stage fundraising and debt refinancing, capital table recaps, investment prioritization and organizational restructuring. We know how to manage profitability as a business scales, prepare for due diligence deadlines, build forecasting capabilities, successfully fine tune enterprise-wide  systems, update KPIs, roll out company-wide goals & metrics, coach team members, prepare for public company regulatory, tax and/or due diligence  requirements. Our partners also know how to manage process – including the entire acquisition integration and exit process.


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What Our Clients Say

“As a condition to closing our US venture round led by Sequoia Capital, we needed to complete a complex corporate restructuring to flip our foreign domiciled company to become a US based HQ (we had been operating as a South African based entity for several years).  We needed a CFO to lead that project, hire and train global finance, legal and HR teams, and help us to expand our multinational footprint.

I hired Mary Korn for her breadth of experience and her ability to work across time zones to remotely manage a team around the globe.  Working closely with legal and SA regulators, she completed the restructuring, implemented a sustainable budget program, hired and coached an outstanding team for our G&A organization, and raised a round of capital to support our expansion across sub-Saharan Africa.   Our growing business needed horsepower in the team and the addition of Mary was a boost for us. Mary was also one of the best mentor’s we ever had in the company and not only did she build a great team around her she invested in mentoring me personally.”

Pieter de Villiers, CEO and Co-Founder, Clickatell