FLG works with technology clients, from SaaS to enterprise software, big data and analytics to media and entertainment, fintech to adtech. Our strong track record in Silicon Valley gives us a distinct advantage in the technology sector. We regularly work with  the top venture capital and banking  partners in the Valley.

All technology companies are rapidly evolving entities which need adaptive, creative and fast-paced CFOs who can thrive in an environment of near constant change. Fundraising, infrastructure development and hiring key talent are critical skill sets needed at the seed s and emerging growth stages; restructuring, deal making and cost management are often needed  at more mature operating companies. Technology CFOs need to be able to pivot – from revenue model changes to new sales compensation strategies, from potential partnership synergies to new competitive realities. Technology sector CFOs must also adapt their domain knowledge for the specific requirements of different subsectors. The specific metrics for success at a SaaS company, for example, are very different than the metrics guiding performance at an enterprise software company. At FLG Partners, we understand this at our core and we cover the bases across the  technology universe.

Actian, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFOM&A Advisory Private
AdBrite, Inc. AdtechTechnology Interim CFO Private
AdMeld Inc. AdtechTechnology Due Diligence Private
Agility Design Solutions, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Aircraft Technical Publishing ConsumerSaaS Interim CFO Private
Alien Technology Corp. SemiconductorsTechnology Interim CFO Private
Apptus, Inc. Enterprise SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
ArcTouch SoftwareTechnology M&A Advisory
Arena Solutions, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Ascendify SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Asia Star Telecom, Ltd. TechnologyTelecommunications Financial Advisory Private
Atrica, Inc. TechnologyTelecommunications Permanent CFO Private
Avanex, Inc. ManufacturingPhotonicsTechnology Permanent CFO Public
Axcient, Inc. SaaSTechnology Permanent CFO Private
Backblaze, Inc. ConsumerSaaS Private
BakBone Software, Inc. ConsumerSoftwareTechnology Board Advisory Public
BDNA Corporation SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Bill.com SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Bitcasa, Inc. ConsumerSaaS Interim CFO Private
Blaze Mobile MobileTechnology Interim CFO Private
Blue Arc Corp. StorageTechnology Interim CFO Private
Blue Coat Systems, Inc. SecurityTechnology Executive CoachingInterim CFO Public
BondDesk Group, LLC FinTechTechnology Permanent CFO Private
Brainfall AdtechTechnology Financial Advisory Private
Business Objects SA SoftwareTechnology Accounting Advisory Public
Calxeda, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Permanent CFO Private
Cantaloupe Systems SaaSTechnology Permanent CFO Private
Capella Photonics, Inc. PhotonicsTechnology Interim CFO Private
Carrier IQ MobileTechnology Interim CFO Private
Catch.com ConsumerSaaS Permanent CFO Private
Caustic Graphics, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Permanent CFO Private
Cisco Systems, Inc. NetworkingTechnology Executive Coaching Public
Clickatell, Inc. MobileTechnology Interim CFO Private
Coinbase FinTechTechnology Interim CFO Private
CrownPeak, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Cswitch Corporation NetworkingTechnology Interim CFO Private
CustomerSat, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Cyber adAPT, Inc. SecurityTechnology Interim CFO Private
CyDesign Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Double Fusion, Inc. AdtechTechnology Interim CFO Private
Eccentex, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Ellie Mae, Inc. Financial ServicesTechnology Permanent CFO Private
Enigmatec Corporation Ltd. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Ensighten, Inc. SaaSTechnology Private
Evermobile, Ltda. MobileTechnology SEC Advisory Private
Exalt Communications TechnologyTelecommunications Interim CFO Private
Fabrik, Inc. StorageTechnology Interim CFO Private
Fonality, Inc. SaaSTechnology DirectorPermanent CFO Private
ForeScout Technologies, Inc. SecurityTechnology Accounting Advisory Private
Freeborders, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
GigFire Microsystems, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Interim CFO Private
Gigster Enterprise SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Gigya SaaSTechnology Interim CFO
Global Liquid Markets FinTechTechnology Interim CFO Private
GoGrid CloudTechnology DirectorExecutive CoachingFinancial AdvisoryInterim CFO Private
Guidewire Software, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
HighBitCoin, Inc. BlockchainTechnology Interim CFO Private
i2C, Inc. FinTechTechnology Permanent CFO Private
iControl Networks, Inc. IoTTechnology Interim CFO Private
Immersion Corp. ElectronicsTechnology Interim CFO Public
Imperva SecurityTechnology Financial Advisory Public
Intacct Corporation SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Intransa, Inc. StorageTechnology Interim CFO Private
IronKey, Inc. HardwareTechnology Permanent CFO Private
JDS Uniphase Corporation ManufacturingTechnologyTelecommunications Accounting Advisory Public
Jhana Inc. EdTechTechnology DirectorInterim CFO Private
Keas Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Liquid Robotics, Inc. HardwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Livefyre AdtechTechnology Permanent CFO
LSA Cleanpart, LLC Semiconductor ProcessTechnology Interim CFO Private
M-Factor, Inc. ConsumerSaaS Permanent CFO Private
Magnum Semiconductor, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Interim CFO Private
Matterport, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Permanent CFO Private
Medallia, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Meltwater Group SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Mercado Software, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
MIPS Technologies, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Interim CFO Public
MobileIron, Inc. MobileTechnology Interim CFO Private
Mocana Corporation MobileTechnology Interim CFO Private
Montalvo Systems, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Interim CFO Private
MuleSoft, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Nayna Networks, Inc. NetworkingTechnology SEC Advisory Public
Neomagic Corp. SemiconductorsTechnology Interim CFO Public
NeoPhotonics Corporation ElectronicsManufacturingTechnology Interim CFO Public
Noosh, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
OpenGov, Inc. ConsumerSaaS Interim CFO Private
Palantir, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Accounting Advisory Private
Parc ResearchTechnology Permanent CFO Public
PayCycle, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Financial Advisory Private
Peak International, Ltd. SemiconductorsTechnology Permanent CFO Public
Percolate, Inc. ConsumerSaaS Permanent CFO Private
Photon Dynamics, Inc. Semiconductor ProcessTechnology Accounting Advisory Private
Pivotal Labs SoftwareTechnology Financial Advisory Private
Potrero Media Corp. InternetTechnology Interim CFO Private
Prezi, Inc. SaaSTechnology Executive Coaching Private
Profit Velocity Solutions SaaSTechnology Financial Advisory Private
Pure Storage HardwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Quantum Corp. HardwareTechnology Permanent CFO Public
Quellan, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Permanent CFO Private
RE:Vision Effects SoftwareTechnology Financial Advisory Private
Real-Time Innovations, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Retail Pro SoftwareTechnology
Retail Solutions, Inc. ConsumerSaaS Financial Advisory Private
Rocket Fuel AdtechTechnology Interim CFO Public
Saba Software, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Executive Coaching Public
Samplify Systems, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Permanent CFO Private
SealedMedia, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Selectica, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Public
ShoreTel, Inc. TechnologyTelecommunications Financial Advisory Public
Sigma Designs, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Accounting Advisory Public
Silicon Clocks, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Permanent CFO Private
SiPort Corp. SemiconductorsTechnology Interim CFO Private
SiTime Corporation SemiconductorsTechnology Interim CFO Private
SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. ElectronicsTechnology Interim CFO Public
Spikes Security SecurityTechnology Interim CFO Private
Steelwedge, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Tanium, Inc. SaaSTechnology Financial Advisory Private
Tapinfluence SaaSTechnology Interim CFO
Tectura Corp. SoftwareTechnology Financial Advisory Private
Tier Data SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Tom Sawyer Software SoftwareTechnology Permanent CFO Private
Total Phase, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Turin Networks Inc. NetworkingTechnology Financial Advisory Private
Ubicom, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Interim CFO Private
Unity Semiconductor, Inc. SemiconductorsTechnology Permanent CFO Private
Ustream, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Vendavo, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Versant Corporation SoftwareTechnology SEC Advisory Public
Vidillion SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Virage Logic Corp. SemiconductorsTechnology Accounting Advisory Public
W5 Networks, Inc. ElectronicsTechnology Permanent CFO Private
WANdisco, Inc. SoftwareTechnology Interim CFO Private
Webtrends SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
Wrap Media SaaSTechnology Interim CFO
YuMe, Inc. SaaSTechnology Interim CFO Private
ZanttZ, Inc. SecurityTechnology Permanent CFO Private
What Our Technology Clients Say

“FLG has been a tremendous partner to GE Ventures and a thought leader to our portfolio company CFOs and CEOs. They bring a wealth of expertise and insight. Their collaboration has made us all better.”

Tim Cantwell, CFO, GE Ventures

“I had great experiences with FLG Partners on multiple occasions. I used to work with FLG Partner, Jonathan Wolter, at PARC, and through his advice I engaged FLG’s Doug Lehrmann when I left PARC to start CyDesign Labs. In fact, I had the pleasure of working with Doug twice at CyDesign. Initially, he joined me on the founding team as Interim CFO. He rejoined a couple of years later to prepare the company for a successful acquisition. Doug kept his calm during these challenging times and provided the company with sound and clear guidance. Through his 30+ years of experience as a CFO, no business circumstance is unfamiliar to him – he has seen it all! Doug has a keen sense of ethics and he ensures that the company records are kept in immaculate order at all times. Both Jon and Doug are truly delightful people to work with!”

Serdar Uckun, Founder & CEO, CyDesign Labs

“At Parc, we turned to FLG Partners for focused leadership with several technical projects to correct audit deficiencies and improve our economic costing model, selecting Jonathan Wolter to assist us based on his deep financial and operational experience. Then, when our CFO unfortunately become seriously ill, Jonathan seamlessly stepped-into the role of PARC’s CFO – coordinating sensitive intercompany operations with our senior team for several years and ultimately mentoring our future CFO. I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring FLG (and Jonathan) again. They deliver excellence.”

Steve Hoover, Former CEO, PARC (now CTO of Xerox)

“As a condition to closing our US venture round led by Sequoia Capital, we needed to complete a complex corporate restructuring to flip our foreign domiciled company to become a US based HQ (we had been operating as a South African based entity for several years).  We needed a CFO to lead that project, hire and train global finance, legal and HR teams, and help us to expand our multinational footprint.

I hired Mary Korn for her breadth of experience and her ability to work across time zones to remotely manage a team around the globe.  Working closely with legal and SA regulators, she completed the restructuring, implemented a sustainable budget program, hired and coached an outstanding team for our G&A organization, and raised a round of capital to support our expansion across sub-Saharan Africa.   Our growing business needed horsepower in the team and the addition of Mary was a boost for us. Mary was also one of the best mentor’s we ever had in the company and not only did she build a great team around her she invested in mentoring me personally.”

Pieter de Villiers, CEO and Co-Founder, Clickatell

“When I become CEO of TapInfluence in 2015, I knew there would be challenges trying to evolve the culture and changing the business model from a managed services business to a software as a service (SaaS) business. Most fail because of the amount of discipline required to stay the course despite potential disruptions in revenue, team dynamics, and customer relationships. As we evaluated the prospects of a new funding round, I needed a CFO who could be a leader and trusted business partner that was credible with my board of directors and potential investors, strategic to develop our business models, scenario planning and forecasts, and operationally focused to evolve to a SaaS business model. I was extremely pleased that my FLG Partner, Ken Chow and I closed our funding round with our board’s support at a strong valuation and on time. This made a huge difference for our business and could not have done without FLG’s support.”

Promise Phelon, CEO, TapInfluence

“BrightSource is a complex environment for a variety of reasons: innovative technology, differing objectives among investors, global operations, not quite commercial status – among others. Our FLG partner, Doug Lehrmann, stepped in initially to our CFO slot under a “we need you now” scenario. He quickly sized up the situation, became a respected and trusted member of our Executive Committee and provided quick actions along a variety of fronts that streamlined operations and stabilized the Company. I then asked Doug to move to a newly created COO slot so that I could promote a high potential internal resource to CFO; Doug made the move seamlessly and was invaluable to me in taking on specific tasks that crossed multiple functional responsibilities. BrightSource is a now on path that we believe best positions it for success. Without Doug’s help, I’m not sure we would have the opportunity – for sure full of challenges, but a real chance – that we now have in front of us. Thanks for helping getting Doug to us, and we wish him and FLG much success in the future.”

David Ramm, Chairman and CEO, BrightSource

“We engaged FLG Partners when we were in the final stages of negotiations to be acquired by a major Japanese company and suddenly lost our senior financial executive to a medical leave. Jim Pardee, the FLG partner we selected, quickly developed a financial forecasting model that allowed the senior team to dynamically analyze various revenue and expense alternatives, and provide the financial forecasts required for the closing process.  Jim assumed leadership of the financial group, made some key staffing improvements, and led the group through a full mid-month audit (required by the transaction) as well as the year-end audit.  Jim also led the financial integration with our new parent, including new reporting requirements, additional audit activities, and critical calculations related to determining the final purchase price amount. His leadership was instrumental in our successful close of this deal for SiTime.”

Rajesh Vashist, CEO, SiTime

Laureen DeBuono is truly rare in this world, both as a person and as a professional. She brings a unique blend of real life experience along with a passion and skill for coaching. She has an uncanny ability to motivate individuals such as myself and to help push others to think critically, constructively and often outside the box! Laureen’s candid feedback and tactful approach to accountability keeps me focused on the work that will be most impactful to our organization. Laureen’s listening skills are first rate. She would pick up on issues instinctively, prepare thoroughly for sessions, and teach me techniques to deal with specific situations I was facing. Laureen would employ a good mix of behavioral models, role playing tough discussions, “in their shoes” empathy exercises, and mapping out actions to take by our next session. Laureen keeps you focused on taking small actions that move you incrementally toward your goals throughout the coaching process. Being an effective leader takes time, desire and hard work. Laureen immediately helped me develop my own goals to measure my effectiveness in my role. It was refreshing to work with Laureen and to achieve milestones in such a short amount of time. If you are looking for one of the smartest investments you can make in your career – this is it…I am forever inspired from this experience!”

Ginna Raahauge, Vice President, IT, Cisco Systems Inc.