FLG works with startups, from seed stage to emerging, often referred to us by venture capital firms, private equity firms, private investors, law firms and bankers.

These rapidly evolving entities need to raise capital, hire talent and build infrastructure. They need to establish brand traction with their customers and sales channels, gain investor confidence, create convincing proof of concept, stabilize their cash burn, establish planning processes, and wrap it all around a compelling brand story. They must grow organically while juggling extreme operational and financial pressures, a young and changing organization, shifting business models, lack of policies and infrastructure while they rein in inefficient spending habits.

FLG Partners assists startup CEOs and their boards set clear and measurable objectives, build financial controls and standards, add systems and reporting mechanisms, fundraise for growth (angel, seed, A/B rounds), and create organizational structure. Our CFOs establish disciplines in new companies from human resources to cash management, from forecasting to demand planning. They identify effective strategies for scaling business and help build company culture.

What Our Clients Say

“FLG has been a tremendous partner to GE Ventures and a thought leader to our portfolio company CFOs and CEOs. They bring a wealth of expertise and insight. Their collaboration has made us all better.”

Tim Cantwell, CFO, GE Ventures

Profitvelocity was a four-year old startup at the time John Supan, our partner from FLG, started working with us. We had no proper accounting systems in place.  John helped us put in place, step by step, an accounting infrastructure that would allow us to grow and satisfy the requirements of our financial partners. I believe that the most vital aspects in working with a CFO, like John, are absolute trust in his integrity along with total respect for his technical knowledge in sophisticated accounting matters. Beyond that, John is remarkably responsive, often within a few hours, regardless of his workload.  And he is always upbeat, easy-going, and effective even when a challenging issue pops up. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire FLG (and John) again. Collaborating with John in building up our company has been a privilege.

Michael Rothschild, Founder & CEO, Profitvelocity

“Mayvenn brought on FLG at a time when our finance department was in really bad shape. Within sixty days of coming on-board, our books were completely cleaned up, compliance and processes completely re-designed, and the right, full-time hires were made to ensure continuity. FLG was able to pair us with a partner, Patty Fukami, who had the appropriate expertise, but who was also a good cultural fit. This firm is highly professional and has integrity. I’m very pleased with them and recommend them to any company looking to either turn around or take their finance department to the next level.”

Diishan Imira, CEO, Mayvenn