FLG Partners is honored to work with a wide and diverse set of industry partners and colleagues.

FLG Partners has had a longstanding and collaborative relationship with La Honda Advisors LLC., an investment banking advisory firm which is SEC registered (CRD#: 165045/SEC#: 8-69130) and a FINRA member. The firm is licensed to engage in M&A services and the private placement of securities (capital raising).

In 2021, FLG Partners LLC entered into an affiliation agreement with La Honda Advisors LLC that allows FLG partners credentialed as FINRA Registered Representatives to affiliate with La Honda Advisors, pursue joint business opportunities, and receive fees for the solicitation of capital investments and/or to manage financings for the purposes of fundraising and mergers and acquisitions.

Currently credentialed Registered Representatives at FLG Partners:

Bob Finley

For more information about La Honda Advisors LLC, please visit www.lahondaadvisors.com.

La Honda Advisors portfolio of clients includes: