July 2020 Tune In for CFO Insights : FLG CFOs in the Spotlight

Join us for a one-on-one conversation between Managing Partner, Laureen DeBuono and growth company CFO specialist, Kenton Chow for a 20 minute discussion about:

How to Manage a Tech Company During a Crisis like COVID-19 and What Should be ‘Top of Mind’ for the CFO?

Learn how a CFO executes differently when managing a global technology company through a crisis such as COVID-19:

  • The unique issues a pandemic raises for high-growth international companies
  • How to leverage ambiguity into new business processes and KPIs which drive results
  • Planning and management tips for CFOs which improve decisionmaking in a crisis
  • How to work with the full executive team to provide the best crisis leadership and advice to both the CEO and BOD

Meet Kenton Chow