CFOs, FP&A teams, CTOs, and VPs of Engineering: tune into this OPEXEngine webinar, “How to Better Analyze and Manage R&D ROI”:

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 – 10:00 AM PST

Finance leaders often feel that it’s challenging to find a useful framework for analyzing Research & Development (R&D) return on investment (ROI). Many of the established R&D metrics for SaaS businesses measure activity but not ROI. Yet, R&D and product innovation are at the heart of SaaS growth and vital to its long-term success. This event highlights best practices, lessons learned, and challenges when evaluating software and SaaS R&D ROI.

OPEXEngine CEO Lauren Kelley tackles this timely subject with two experienced finance executives, Jeffrey VogelEY-Parthenon Principal, Head of Software Strategy Group, and SaaS CFO and FLG partne Eric Mersch.



Virtual Event