Join FLG partner, Kenton Chow with Promise Phelon, Founder of Sueno Growth Partners for a discussion of:

“CEO to CFO: The Top 5 Biggest Lessons From a SaaS Turnaround” 

At some point, most companies will require a major pivot (or two), business model transformation or a complete turnaround. It’s common. And what’s more common is that those major shifts are identified not by the CEO or key leader but by your board of directors, investors or the market. Promise Phelon (long-time venture-backed CEO who’s led multiple turnarounds) and Ken Chow (seasoned CFO) will share their experience engineering and executing a turn-around that led to massive, triple-digit growth, a large fundraise, a complete shift from Services to SaaS, and eventual exit. They will share lessons learned from their individual and shared experiences, market data on when and why turnarounds fail, and how you can not only lead your own turn-around but keep your job in the process.