Join a panel of FLG board advisory experts on “The Board Audit Committee: Maximizing Performance – A CFO’s Role”.

Learn about the critical role of Audit Committee Chairs and how they can set the Committee up for success. Discover the expanding scope and most challenging issues Audit Committees must grapple with. Listen to actual case studies and learn how issues were resolved, from crisis management to complex accounting problems.

A Q&A follows the panel discussion moderated by Managing Partner Laureen De Buono.

  • The Role of Audit Chair and the 5 most important issues an Audit Chair should own (Mark Murray)
  • The most important items for the Audit Committee to focus on over the course of the year (Jeff Kuhn)
  • The Board/CFO Relationship: “managing up” and proactive approaches for the CFO that pay off (Ron Fior)
  • The Audit Committee’s role in crisis management (Ken Chow)