December 17, 2018

FLG Partner’s consumer client, Rothy’s, where Stephanie Roberts is CFO, is expected to post revenues of $140 million according to a recent article from Bloomberg. In U.S. sales, Rothy’s has quickly eclipsed Tod’s ($88 million in North America last year), and now measures about a third of the size of the Crocs empire of plastic clogs ($389 million last year). Of the 165 million women in the U.S., Rothy’s has sold somewhere around 1.4 million pairs of shoes to date fueled heavily by social media advertising and brand advocates. While there aren’t that many women with a pair of Rothy’s (yet), there are quite a few with many pairs. Rothy’s talking points generally come in a fixed order: comfortable, stylish, washable, and “green”. Born from recycled plastic bottles, Rothy’s consumer-demand centered design and production process can post a new color or style on its website in the morning, divine a decent gauge of demand by early afternoon, and have the first finished pairs sitting in a distribution center four days later.  Read the  full article here.