Why Hire FLG for C-Suite CFO & Financial Advisory Services?

Learn the 5 reasons why your company should hire FLG Partners if you are a CFO or board in need of CFO support or board advisory services on a part time, full time or interim basis. FLG Partners is the leading C-suite only partnership of experienced CFO talent in the Western U.S.

What’s Different About FLG Partner’s Chief Financial Officers?

Listen to FLG’s Administrative Partner, Jeff Kuhn, describe what FLG Partners uses as its litmus test for CFOs joining the firm.

The Value Added of Working with a CFO at FLG Partners

Learn why CFOs from FLG Partners are valued and trusted team members by their CEOs and Board of Directors. FLG Partners is San Francisco’s leader in CFO consulting, board advisory support, private and public sector fundraising and inflection point transactions including mergers and acquisitions, restructurings and IPOs.

Engaging FLG Partners to Solve Your Toughest Problems

Learn the value-added reasons why FLG Partners is San Francisco’s leading source of talent when it comes to experienced Chief Financial Officers.

FLG Partners – A Message From Former Managing Partner, Chris Lowe

Learn why FLG Partners has grown to become the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley’s leading source for CFO interim, part time and full time talent, renown for their fundraising acumen, transaction experience and strong networks of banking, legal and accounting experts.