CFO Insights: Monica Stevenson

Learn about the background and career insights of Monica Stevenson, an FLG partner and consumer-centric CFO with deep experience with public and private consumer sector luxury goods companies, domestic and international. Her tenures include over a decade of specialized expertise in consumer & luxury goods, apparel, beauty, retail, wholesale and e-commerce.  She has led a diverse set of functional areas including finance, operations, treasury, real estate, legal, risk management, business strategy, merchandising, supply chain, human resources, IT and Investor Relations for the North American operations of global brands such as Tourneau, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana. She describes her insights about raising capital in tight market conditions, working with P/E firms and CEOs, lessons learned from integrating acquisitions and the key success factors for CFOs managing global enterprises.

CFO Insights: William Atkins

FLG partner William Atkins has had a 30+ year career as both CFO of and advisor to public and private technology companies and at both large companies ($1B+ revenues) and high growth VC and PE backed companies. He has had CFO roles at Calix (NYSE: CALX), a leading, publicly listed, global provider of broadband telecommunications access systems, services and software, at Mobileum, a private equity-backed provider of telecom analytics software and services, at One Concern, a venture capital-backed start-up using artificial intelligence to build a platform that will predict and quantify the impact of natural disasters, at Clarify Health Solutions, an AI-enabled, VC-backed digital healthcare company developing real-time analytics and care guidance solutions, and at Airobotics, a VC backed enterprise-focused robotic drone start-up.  In a fireside chat with Managing Partner Laureen DeBuono, William points to the many valuable lessons learned over the course of his career in the technology sector.

CFO Insights: Anne Samak de la Cerda

Learn about the unique complexities of a CFO operating on the international stage across geographies, sectors and companies as consumer and healthcare technology CFO Anne Samak de la Cerda is interviewed by Managing Partner Laureen DeBuono at FLG Partners. Anne has spent her 20+ year career working as a strategy and finance executive at numerous consumer and health technology companies (, Withings among others), with a focus on scaling operations and successful exits on the international stage and has assisted companies navigate the challenges of high growth including access to capital in both Europe and in the US, as well as M&A, restructuring and exits. Anne joined FLG in 2020. Prior to FLG, she started her career in the UK at PwC, primarily focused on strategic transactions and M&A in the telecommunications industry. She then took on several roles, mostly in strategy, at Vivendi, a media conglomerate in France.



CFO Insights: Lessons Learned by a Life Sciences CFO (Sandy Gardiner)

Learn about the background and professional experience of FLG Partner Sandy Gardiner including 30+ years of experience as an EVP and CFO at private and public companies in the Life Sciences sector, both domestic and global. Sandy’s tenures include leadership positions at development-stage, pre-commercial to enterprise, commercial $350M+ biotech and medtech companies where she has helped lead numerous financial transactions, including IPOs, secondary offerings, private placements, reverse mergers, rights offerings, ATMs and debt facilities. She has raised over $1Bn in capital and completed many M&A transactions. Prior to joining FLG, Sandy was CFO and EVP at Pulse Biosciences, Inc. and at Cutera, both publicly traded medtech companies.  Earlier CFO roles included those at Tria Beauty, Aptus Endosystems, Ventus Medical, Vermillion and Lipid Sciences.


CFO Insights: Lessons Learned by a Life Sciences and Consumer CFO (Nancy Hargreaves)

Learn about the professional background of FLG Partner Nancy Hargreaves, including  20+ years working as a Chief Financial Officer in early-stage commercialization life sciences and high-growth CPG companies following her extensive leveraged and acquisition-finance experience from her early days as an investment banker and as a hedge fund portfolio manager in London. Nancy’s roles include tenures as a CFO at both Recros Medica a clinical stage medical device company and at Ionetix a radiopharmaceutical provider. She was also VP, Business Intelligence at Invuity, a public medical technology company. Nancy has also been CFO at consumer companies, most recently at Trove Recommerce, earlier at Hint Inc. and prior at Dove SPA, a UK, venture-backed salon and spa company backed by Unilever.

CFO Insights: Lessons Learned by a Consumer CFO (Mark Archer)

Learn about the professional experience of FLG Partner, Mark Archer. Mark has spent over 30 years in both CFO and President roles at both public and private venture capital and private equity backed companies and has worked extensively with consumer-facing companies such as Jamba Juice and Denny’s as well as specialty retailers and direct to consumer businesses, such as Madison-Reed. Mark’s deep, C-suite experience includes domestic and international operations and turnarounds, M&A and IPOs.

CFO Insights: Lessons Learned by a Life Science CFO (Andrew Levitch)

Listen to FLG partner Andrew Levitch describe his extensive experience across Life Science subsectors including biotech, medical devices and diagnostics, to digital health and manufacturing. In addition to 10 years consulting with his firm Finategy, including as an advisor to Merck’s Global Health Innovation fund, Andrew spent 16 years at Merck in strategic, operational, finance, and marketing roles including as Senior Director, Global Scientific Strategy – Portfolio Management, and Chair of the Research Division’s Capital Committee.

CFO Insights: Lessons Learned by a Technology CFO (Ron Fior)

Learn about the important lessons learned by Ron Fior, FLG Partner and a highly respected Technology Industry CFO over the course of his 30+ years in Silicon Valley as a Chief Financial Officer & M&A expert for high growth public and private companies including Callidus Technology, Good Technology, and Absolute Software.

CFO Insights: How Business Development Informs Critical Decisionmaking by CFOs (Jim Mackaness)

Join a fireside chat between Laureen DeBuono, Managing Partner at FLG Partners and med tech and technology company CFO Jim Mackaness, about the lessons he has learned during his career as a CFO at Invuity and Iridex (among other companies) about strategically leveraging business intelligence to drive better C-suite and board decisions, cross-company actions and more successful company performance.

CFO Insights: Lessons Learned at Consumer Companies (Stephanie Roberts)

Join a fireside chat between Laureen DeBuono, Managing Partner at FLG Partners and consumer products and direct-to-consumer company CFO Stephanie Roberts, about the lessons she has learned during her career as CFO at Old Navy, Specialized Bicycles and as a CFO consultant with Rothy’s, Third Love, Goop and other consumer-centric, high-growth leaders.

CFO Insights: Managing a Global Technology Company Through a Crisis (Kenton Chow)

Join FLG Partner’s Managing Partner, Laureen DeBuono and growth company CFO, Kenton Chow for a one-on-one discussion about the essential “need to knows” for CFOs steering global companies through a crisis such as COVID-19. Learn about the unique issues a pandemic raises for high-growth international companies, how to leverage ambiguity into new business processes and KPIs which drive results, planning and management tips for CFOs which improve decision making in a crisis and how CFOs can work with CEOs, boards and the full executive team to provide the best crisis leadership and advice as part of the C-suite.