The Public Company CFO: Critical Skill Sets

Learn the important skills, approaches, experience levels and attributes of great public company chief financial officers from CFO consulting and advisory leader, FLG Partners in San Francisco.

Mistakes to Avoid When Making An Acquisition

Listen to M&A consultant, Chris Cook, CFO partner at FLG Partners, describe the key mistakes not to make when planning M&A initiatives and executing an acquisition for your company.

The CEO and CFO Partnership: A Critical Foundation

Listen to FLG partner, Bill Beyer, describe why the relationships between CFOs and CEOs couldn’t be more critical to the success of an enterprise.

Mergers & Acquisitions: What CEOs and CFOs Need to Know

FLG Partner, Bill Leetham describes the key elements that any CEO or Board needs to know when preparing for an acquisition, either buy-side or sell-side. Learn the essential factors which can make the difference for the success of your acquisition strategy.

Interim CFOs: How Companies Should Take Action for Success

Listen to CFO expert and FLG partner Eric Mersch describe how interim CFOs with the right C-suite experience can provide valuable and critical strategic and executional support when a CFO leaves a company.

Hiring A CFO at a High Growth Startup or Company: FLG Partners

Learn why you should hire a CFO from FLG Partners to help your startup or high-growth emerging-to-enterprise company solve your issues around restructuring, hiring the best talent, leveraging your business model and scaling systems for growth.

Consumer Company CFOs: Learning From Digitally Native Leaders

Learn from FLG partner & CFO Stephanie Roberts why the e-commerce and retail brands which are most successful today are pioneering through data analysis and one-to-one customer-brand relationships new territory and models which legacy consumer brands can learn a lot from.

What Makes A Great CFO? Discover Winning CFO Attributes

Learn the characteristics, skills, experience levels and approaches which define a “great chief financial officer” from CFO and FLG Managing Partner, Chris Lowe. FLG Partners is the San Francisco Bay Area’s leader in CFO consulting, staffing and financial advisory services.

What is Blockchain?

Learn the basics about this fast-moving and evolving technology trend which will likely impact the transactions and supply chain relationships at many businesses and across sectors. FLG partner and former Coinbase CFO Tim Laehy describes what you need to know about blockchain.

Maximizing Performance at Mature Operating Companies

FLG partner Jonathan Wolter describes the most important leverage points for CFOs at mature operating companies who want to improve their performance and meet their strategic objectives.

The CFO as Chief Operator

FLG partner, Eric Mersch describes the reasons why CFOs need to increasingly extend their strategic and operational reach from finance to operations within successful companies.

Life Science & Healthcare CFOs: How FLG Partners Can Help

Learn the specific CFO skills and experience necessary to support the needs of startup and emerging life science companies who require a constant stream of fundraising as well as deep understanding of the different types of financing available to support a long product life cycle.

Cryptocurrencies: What CEOs and CFOs Need to Know

Learn from FLG partner & former Coinbase CFO, Tim Laehy, the opportunities for leveraging cryptocurrencies in today’s business environment.

How Should Your Company Be Preparing for Blockchain?

What should CEOs and CFOs be concerned with in terms of preparing for blockchain’s evolution which will impact supply chain relationships and transactional execution for many businesses in the future. Get the facts from FLG partner and former Coinbase CFO, Tim Laehy.

The Saas CFO: Best Practices for Success

Listen to CFO/COO and FLG partner, Eric Mersch describe how CFOs at SaaS companies need to set themselves up for success and what matters in evaluating SaaS company performance.

The Technology CFO as Business Intelligence Expert

FLG partner Eric Mersch talks about how CFOs need to broaden their roles to encompass the BI function and business intelligence tracking from systems enhancements to operational performance reviews.

Nonprofit vs For-Profit CFOs: Similarities and Nuances – Critical Skillsets

Learn what skillsets are key to the success of nonprofit CFOs in comparison to those of for-profit CFOs from FLG partner Frank Tsai.

Nonprofits: When To Hire a VP vs a Director of Finance

Does your nonprofit need a full-fledged CFO or a Director of Finance? Find out how to make this critical decision from FLG partner and CFO consultant, Frank Tsai.

FLG Partner Andrea Persily: Why I Joined FLG

Listen to one of FLG’s newest partners describe her career path leading her to join the Bay Area leader in CFO consulting and advisory services.

Stephanie Roberts, FLG Partner: Why I Joined FLG

Listen to the former CFO at Specialized Bicycle Components and Old Navy describe her reasons for joining FLG Partners, the leading CFO advisory and consulting firm in the San Francisco, Bay Area.

Chief Financial Officers: Why You Should Consider FLG Partners

Learn about the culture at CFO consulting and financial advisory firm, FLG Partners from one of their recent CFO hires, Chris Cook.