Preparing a Life Sciences Company for an IPO: Hosted by Moss Adams

Join Moss Adams with Partners Stephen Fineberg and Sarah Ratra, Karen Deschaine JD from Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and FLG partner Greg Curhan as they discuss the ways that life science companies can prepare for an IPO in today’s tight capital markets. Learn how to build out a support system of external professionals, pitfalls, and strategies for executives in the IPO process, key reporting requirements when going public, how to develop the right internal controls for financial reporting, and about the due diligence process and other legal matters to address during IPO preparations.

Financing Roundtable: “What Do Investors Want?” – Setting Your Next Round Up for Success

Listen to four financing experts and experienced IPO and M&A CFOs from FLG Partners describe their advice for setting your next funding round up for success. They dive into how to dissect the investor landscape, honing your pitch to investors, how the financing process unfolds, issues typically encountered in financing transactions and how to select the right partners for your deal.

Launching a Life Science IPO in the Midst of COVID: Angion Biomedica

Join FLG Partners for a fireside chat with Angion CEO, Dr. Jay Venkatesan and CFO and FLG partner Greg Curhan for a discussion about the unique challenges and opportunities posed launching Angion’s IPO in February 2021 in the midst of COVID-19.

The Road to an IPO

Learn about essential elements for an effective IPO launch from FLG Partner and CFO, Greg Curhan at an event hosted by Carta and Trinet with financial industry experts at Moss Adams in November 2020.

Ensuring SPAC Success

Listen to an experienced panel of financing experts at FLG Partners including Greg Curhan and Eric Hall and Molly Hemmeter, Board member at 2 SPACs, discuss the key decisionmaking, planning and executional considerations companies and boards should address before choosing this direction when seeking access to the public markets for capital.

IPO Preparation Prior to the Organizational Meeting

FLG partner Mark Murray describes the key priorities for companies planning an initial public offering (IPO) prior to the Organizational Meeting.

IPO Considerations for Technology Companies

FLG partner Kenton Chow discusses the distinctive requirements and considerations when technology companies go public via an intial public offering (IPO).

Preparing for an IPO: Internal Readiness & CFO Tips

Learn from IPO expert, Eric Hall at FLG Partners why painstaking internal readiness is so critical when preparing for an initial public offering or IPO. Discover the full range of steps and best practices which need to be taken by management teams and boards prior to the IPO launch.

IPO Planning: Testing The Waters with Investors

Managing Partner, Chris Lowe at FLG Partners reviews the all-important TTW (“testing the waters”) phase of IPO preparation and planning, critical to understanding who an offer’s target investors are and receiving feedback about the offering from them.

CFO Priorities: From the IPO Organizational Meeting to Preparing the S-1

Learn from FLG partner Linda Rubinstein, the important components and workflows which comprise a CFO’s top priorities, organizational meeting to S-1 filing, when preparing for the launch of an initial public offering or IPO.

IPO Preparation: Additional IPO Workstreams Before You File Your S-1

Learn the 4 key workstreams which must happen simultaneously to your organizational meeting and S-1 filing preparations when planning and executing an IPO for your company from FLG partner and Life Sciences IPO expert, Linda Rubinstein.

Marketing Your IPO: Roadshow, Valuations, Pricing

Learn the critical marketing priorities for companies launching IPOs from FLG partner Chris Lowe. Discover the do’s and don’ts associated with IPO roadshows, company valuations and pricing strategies for IPOs.

3 Common Mistakes Made by First-time IPO Management Teams

Management teams planning and executing IPOs often make 3 common mistakes. What are they? FLG partner Chris Lowe reviews how to avoid these three pitfalls when planning and executing an initial public offering.

IPOs for Life Science Companies: Key Considerations & Planning

FLG partner, Linda Rubinstein describes the key differentiating factors impacting the planning and execution of IPOs for Life Science companies including those in therapeutics, diagnostics, tools and medical devices.

POST IPO: “So Your Company Went Public, Now What?”

Learn what CFOs and management teams need to prioritize after an IPO now that they are managing public entities. Discover the 4 key areas which need to be a primary focus for entities transitioning into public companies post IPO from FLG partner Kenton Chow.

Planning and Executing an IPO: CFO Consulting When Your Company Needs It Most

FLG Partners has assisted dozens of private company go public, expertly planning and executing initial public offerings for technology, life sciences, manufacturing companies, among others. Their CFO consulting services for CEOs and Boards are known for the depth of their expertise in IPO best practices. Learn more..

Pre-IPO Planning for C-Suite Executives: Tax & Other Implications

Listen while FLG partner Eric Hall describes the critical factors any CEO and CFO planning for an IPO should be focused on from a personal tax and financial perspective. FLG Partners provides CFO experts at the C-suite level for pre IPO planning and transaction execution across industry sectors.

The Public Company CFO: Critical Skill Sets

Learn the important skills, approaches, experience levels and attributes of great public company chief financial officers from CFO consulting and advisory leader, FLG Partners in San Francisco.