Managing Challenging Board Behavior

Tune in as our panel of four seasoned FLG partners (both CFOs and board members) explore the specific types and challenges posed by problematic BOD behavior, share interesting real-life stories about managing through these situations, describe when to “call out” this behavior and provide best practices in remedying and mitigating such situations.

Excellence in Board Leadership: Navigating Complex Challenges

Listen to 4 FLG experts describe their experiences as board members and Committee chairs on private and public board directors, essential best practices for directors, key traits of high performing board members and “need-to-knows” for aspiring and current board members at private, public and non-profit boards. Find out how to get on a public or private company corporate board and how to position yourself optimally for board membership.

Maximizing Performance of the Audit Committee

Learn from four CFO experts at FLG Partners about the key responsibilities of the Audit Chair and CFO in optimizing performance of the Audit Committee. Diving into a discussion about how to choose the right committee chair, setting the committee’s charter, identifying the scope of issues addressed by the committee and how the committee can add value before and during a crisis at the company.