A conversation with Promise Phelon and Kenton Chow

Promise Phelon, Founder of The Growth Warrior and former CEO at TapInfluence hired FLG partner Kenton Chow as interim CFO during a period of radical and dynamic change at the company as Tap pivoted from a service-agency model to a SaaS model over 3 quarters. During their tenures, these two executives worked seamlessly together to drive a 300% increase in revenue while also raising a $14M a Series B-1 round. In July 2018, together with the Board of Directors, Promise led the company’s acquisition by IZEA (NASDAQ: IZEA).

Promise recently hosted a podcast discussion with Kenton about the importance of the close relationship and partnership between a CEO and a CFO.

Highlights of their discussion include:

  • The importance of this relationship in managing change throughout the culture and operations as a company pivots and scales
  • The fundraising process as Tap Influence immediately required bridge financing to meet cash flow obligations when Promise took over as CEO and the subsequent capital raise
  • The common focus on the customer shared by Promise and Kenton
  • The importance of trust, joint respect and the CFO’s role in helping make the CEO successful
  • Divergent but complimentary styles between a high-energy, vision-focused CEO and a pragmatic, disciplined and transparently-honest CFO
  • Working together to operationalize accountability throughout the organization including decisions around what to outsource, resource/invest in and how to compensate and incent employees.

Join the discussion between these two talented and experienced professionals and leaders by listening to the full podcast.

Kenton Chow

Kenton Chow joined FLG in 2015 and has over 25 years of CFO experience as both a CFO,  COO & Board member of various private and public technology companies, including software, fintech, biometric identification, big data analytics, IoT, e-commerce, security, retail, networking, and computer systems. Kenton (Ken) adds value to companies by leveraging…Read More