Join FLG partner, Eric Mersch for the launch of a new webinar series SaaS Conversations hosted by OPEXEngine.

Session #1: “Benchmarking Your Company: The Why and How” will be held via Zoom on August 15th at 11AM PST.

Benchmarking is a proven method to improve operational efficiency and growth. By comparing your company’s performance to peers and competitors, you can isolate weaknesses in your operating structure and performance that you can improve. Companies use benchmarking to fine-tune their budgeting and planning, improve communications and target-setting with company management as  well as to set context with investors and stake-holders. Discover why and how SaaS companies that make benchmarking a regular part of their management team’s decisionmaking can improve operationally by becoming more efficient while also achieving strong revenue growth.

Join Lauren Kelley, CEO of OPEXEngine, and Eric Mersch for an insightful and LIVE Q&A session exploring the metrics which power the best SaaS companies toward even better performance.

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