“I hope you enjoy this quick 15 minute interview with Jen Scales from Woodruff Sawyer.  As a CPG/Consumer CFO,  I shared with Jen some tips on being a High Performer and a Working Parent,  the biggest mistake I made at Old Navy, and some other great lessons (my top 10) for anyone navigating their career.   Take a listen and send me your thoughts at”

  • How to be confident NOT being a “yes” woman (or man)
  • The 2 best tips for coming back professionally after making a big mistake
  • How to be your own best coach when moving forward in your career
  • Red alert: watch out for making costly personal sacrifices
  • 10 Lessons learned for professionals in better time management

Stephanie Roberts

Stephanie Roberts joined FLG in 2017 and has over 20 years of senior management experience as both a CFO and COO of various public and private consumer companies, including consumer products, retail, e-commerce, and pharmaceuticals. Stephanie adds value to companies by leveraging her global experience and expertise in corporate and financial strategy,…Read More